Frontier Fence & Guard Rail Ltd.

Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. has been operating in Alberta for over twenty years for various contractors, road builders, oil companies and private companies. 

About Us

Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. has been operating across Alberta for over 20 years. We work with various Consultants, Contractors, Road Builders, Oil Companies and Private Companies helping make Alberta Roadways safe for the travelling public. All of our installation practices conform to Alberta Transportation Specifications.


 What We Do

Our services include the supply, installation/repair or removal of:

*W-Beam Guardrail     *High Tension Cable Barriers

*Thrie Beam Guardrail  * Specialized Bridge Rail

*Crash Attenuators and Crash Cushions

*We also install Traffic Signs, Extruded Aluminum Signs, Delineator Posts and Concrete Barriers.

*In addition, we provide repair services for Highway Maintenance Contractors when required.

*Temporary construction fence rentals are also available upon request


Get in Touch With Us

Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. would appreciate the opportunity to quote or answer any questions you have about your projects.